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  • You want to move to a new level
  • You want to make your life quality better
  • You are setting ambitious goals
  • You want to get rid of fears and regrets

Hello my dear friend! You are here now to change something.

Maybe you have a dream. Or a clearly-defined request. Maybe an aim. Or you have just heard your inner voice which is calling you forward… Most likely you have already tried a lot and you understand that you can’t live as you have lived before, but you don’t know another way yet.

Do you want to get acquainted with the real you?

Do you want to start living differently, more full, to live in gratitude and plentitude, enjoying every minute? Do you want to learn to listen to yourself and to hear yourself, to pose questions correctly and find answers quickly? Then you know what has brought you here… It’s Love.

About the game

Transformational games “Boxes of Enlightenment” are a good alternative to popular internet marathons.

Each of them is a comprehensive training which is leading you to realize your potential under the careful guidance of a presenter. Though all the instruments and methods are presented as a game. Because I know that there are no universal answers for everyone. Your personal story and your truth are only yours… And if they differ from viewpoints of other people about how it should be or look like – that doesn’t mean anything.

Rules of the game

What is waiting for you here?

  • Every morning you will receive tasks
  • Most of the tasks will be in the form of a game so that you could enjoy and get the necessary experience
  • Every evening we will meditate

White Box Games – are not games in the conventional sense.

But still we will play during the following days. Because it’s easier to get any new information and a way of its application by living through an experience, through emotions and associations – everything that a game gives to us.

About the process

During trainings every morning you will receive tasks from me. These days will be special, because you will have new activities you didn’t have in your schedule before.

These activities will lead you to positive changes and insights.

I will not offer you any actions as a statement: “Do it like this and you will be happy”. I offer you to try different things, to live through and feel this or that experience and then to decide by yourself what you want to keep and what you don’t need.

Choose your game
I have felt myself a tourist in my life. It was unbelievable!
After the game I began to listen to myself more. I hit the reset button, took a new look at some things, found peace and expanded horizons. All the answers are really inside us, but we often want to hear opinions of other people.
For me the game was like an exploration game in the inner recesses of my mind and soul, in labyrinths created by me. In these 21 days I fell into small pieces and then was brought together, but only from my own pieces. I cleared my Mission from everything external. It became clear for me what I want and where I am going to. Now I am not ashamed to ask, to wish, to get and to give. I have fallen in love with myself with all my traumas and scars and began to take other people and their reactions easier.
Thank you, Margo, for helping me to learn to love myself again, undistorted and naturally as in childhood!
Each meditation was like an interview with a good psychologist. It seems like we are talking about obvious things, but I have never sunk so deeply into myself. Suddenly cause-and-effect links appear and I understand why everything in my life is exactly this way, but not another.
Margo, you are so energetically strong! It is fantastic what you are doing and introducing into this world!
My head was like a library before, where lots of books were stored, but they were lying randomly. But YOU have constructed new high wooden stacks with firm shelves and arranged all the books in alphabetic order, explaining what I should read first of all!
Before your game I thought I know what I need and where I go to. After each lesson the wall I’ve created from trifles mistaken for my wishes was being destructed clearing the way to what is Real…
Now I know where to move and I am not afraid of it. Thank you for such wonderful meditations, filling you with love! I am sincerely wishing everybody to get to this miraculous game in a proper time.
I have noticed changes in myself, it is miraculous how it is possible to transform your conscious for such a short period of time, to reorganize it to another level!
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Марго Беккер
Author of the game
Margo Bekker
“Boxes of Enlightenment are a result of my attempt to structure what I have been doing with people during individual therapy for many years. It is what I really want to offer to a wide circle of people because it really allows coming to a different level of interaction with life, with oneself and with the world”
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