Inner child

At the 10th of every month
6 days

"All grown-ups used to be children first, but very few of them remember about it. And I am afraid to become a grown-up who is interested in nothing but numbers."

You know I really believe that there are no grown-ups – we are all just children who have grown old… And we feel sad when we forget who we are. We stop being joyful, we forget that we can take everything with a touch of easiness, we stop being surprised. And then it comes – no, not the old age – sadness and heaviness come.

Do you remember how cool it was to dream in your childhood? What feelings did every dream that came true give to you? Do you remember the moments when you were happy about any trifle, any small thing? Do you remember yourself celebrating every small victory not concentrating on failures? Do you remember how sincerely could you be friends, love and how cool it was to swing on a swing and hang head-down on a tree?

You will have to remember everything you forgot on this game… It will bring you a lot of joy and discoveries.

Your life will really change after it. Your attitude to many things will become easier and you will enjoy every day more. You will also have more understanding. Of whom or what? Of yourself…

Grown-ups love numbers so much. When you tell them you have a new friend, they will never ask about the most important. They will never say: "What kind of voice does he have? What games does he like to play? Does he catch butterflies?"
They are asking: "How old is he? How many brothers does he have? How much does he weigh? How much does his father earn?" And after that they think they know the person


It is an easy and pleasant game lasting for one week. It is intended for the people in whose life control prevails over pleasure and skepticism prevails over wonder.

Every morning you will receive morning yoga just for 7 minutes, small and easy tasks for a day and every evening - meditations.

We will also share several full practices of yoga and breathing, which will help you to relieve physical and emotional stress appearing during deep work with subconscious, will let you get in touch with your inner child and sink into easiness and happiness, which you used to experience simply in your childhood.


As a result of this game you will

When you tell grown-ups:"I have seen a beautiful house made of red brick, It has geranium in windows and pigeons on the roof ", - they can’t imagine this house.

I should tell them: "I have seen a house costing one hundred thousand francs". And then they will exclaim: "What a beauty!"
  • Sink into your childhood and learn to feel your life as brightly as before and see its colours as before
  • Become more present at the moment and cheerful
  • Get rid of tiredness and strict controller living inside you
  • Let yourself be happy again
  • Be able to talk to a long forgotten part of yourself
  • Learn to be happy about trifles and be surprised again
  • Get practices to relieve stress and to sink into a state of easiness
  • Become more playful and begin to smile and clown more often
  • Understand what you lacked and be able to find new balance
  • Make your childhood dream come true
I have felt myself a tourist in my life. It was unbelievable!
After the game I began to listen to myself more. I hit the reset button, took a new look at some things, found peace and expanded horizons. All the answers are really inside us, but we often want to hear opinions of other people.
For me the game was like an exploration game in the inner recesses of my mind and soul, in labyrinths created by me. In these 21 days I fell into small pieces and then was brought together, but only from my own pieces. I cleared my Mission from everything external. It became clear for me what I want and where I am going to. Now I am not ashamed to ask, to wish, to get and to give. I have fallen in love with myself with all my traumas and scars and began to take other people and their reactions easier.
Thank you, Margo, for helping me to learn to love myself again, undistorted and naturally as in childhood!
Each meditation was like an interview with a good psychologist. It seems like we are talking about obvious things, but I have never sunk so deeply into myself. Suddenly cause-and-effect links appear and I understand why everything in my life is exactly this way, but not another.
Margo, you are so energetically strong! It is fantastic what you are doing and introducing into this world!
My head was like a library before, where lots of books were stored, but they were lying randomly. But YOU have constructed new high wooden stacks with firm shelves and arranged all the books in alphabetic order, explaining what I should read first of all!
Before your game I thought I know what I need and where I go to. After each lesson the wall I’ve created from trifles mistaken for my wishes was being destructed clearing the way to what is Real…
Now I know where to move and I am not afraid of it. Thank you for such wonderful meditations, filling you with love! I am sincerely wishing everybody to get to this miraculous game in a proper time.
I have noticed changes in myself, it is miraculous how it is possible to transform your conscious for such a short period of time, to reorganize it to another level!
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  • Morning text tasks
  • Evening meditations
  • Video materials with practices of breathing and yoga
  • Automatic check of tasks
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  • Morning text tasks
  • Evening meditations
  • Video materials with practices of breathing and yoga
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  • Morning text tasks
  • Evening meditations
  • Video materials with practices of breathing and yoga
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