Author of the game, psychologist


Graduated from MSU named after Lomonosov, RSUH (L. S. Vygotsky Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Clinical Psychology). Also took extra training in the specialty “Gestalt therapy”. But Margo is not an ordinary psychotherapist.

Starting from 2013 she has been travelling in Asia and practicing meditation, Tantra, Dzogchen and yoga for many years (she has lived in temples of India and Thailand). Margo has been studying from Javan healers, shamans from Peru, monks from Bhutan and Tibet and also in American institute Inner Guidance in Bali.

Thanks to two strong basic specialized educations she takes every method and practice as a researcher. It allows her to combine uniquely all the techniques leant and offering them to every client in a distinguished manner. Margo is speaking both scientific language and language of intuition, spiritual growth and esotery well.