Transformation. Consciousness

At the 1st of every month
21 days

Half of your life you were hearing from others how something should be done, how everything should look like. And it didn’t bring you happiness.

Most likely you don’t know what you want. Most likely you have often felt pain, offence, discomfort, you felt uneasy. You are spending a lot of time blaming yourself and others, fulfilling someone else’s wishes. And you’ve become like a grown-up, who is interested in nothing but numbers… It’s a pity.

However I have good news: you can change everything.

It’s never too late to do it. And if you are here then there is a special reason for it. And we will find it, I promise.

Because sooner or later there comes a moment in life when a person understands, that he can’t live as he had lived before, but he doesn’t know another way yet. I’m here to help you to understand it. I’ve got an instrument.

I am basing on the concept that each human is beautiful and unique since birth. It’s just necessary to remove all the restrictions that you have constructed yourself in your past, when you decided that you would not manage, that you are not enough being alone, that you can’t get through.

I want to add only one thing: if you retained your ability to dream, if you have an image of your brighter future in your mind, that means this is what is really waiting for you in the future.

No idea is coming to us without reason, no aim is formed in our mind without means and possibilities to be achieved. We will look for them together…

About the game

The first part of the big game lasts for 21 days.

It has its reason. A little bird told me that 21 day is a necessary term to form a habit, to get rid of a negative set and reinforce new patterns of interaction with oneself and with external world.

It’s the period of time necessary to form new neural net.

During this time every morning you will get tasks. These days will be special because you will get new activities in your schedule. These activities will lead you to positive changes and insights.

Please be ready to devote 1-2 hours a day to meditations. But positive changes, happiness and dreams are worth working at them, right?


As a result of this game you will

  • Learn to think from the state of goodness and plentitude
  • Forgo the custom of negative thinking
  • Understand the power of gratitude
  • Learn yourself better, learn not only to listen to yourself, but also to hear yourself
  • Be able to find your way and to gain self-confidence and easiness, with which you will go your way
  • State your aims
  • Acknowledge your inner and outer resources
  • Learn to manifest your wishes and to use affirmations to achieve your aims
  • Learn to trust the Universe and to be happy with every day
  • Fulfill your lifelong dream
  • And also you will suddenly become a happier person
I have felt myself a tourist in my life. It was unbelievable!
After the game I began to listen to myself more. I hit the reset button, took a new look at some things, found peace and expanded horizons. All the answers are really inside us, but we often want to hear opinions of other people.
For me the game was like an exploration game in the inner recesses of my mind and soul, in labyrinths created by me. In these 21 days I fell into small pieces and then was brought together, but only from my own pieces. I cleared my Mission from everything external. It became clear for me what I want and where I am going to. Now I am not ashamed to ask, to wish, to get and to give. I have fallen in love with myself with all my traumas and scars and began to take other people and their reactions easier.
Thank you, Margo, for helping me to learn to love myself again, undistorted and naturally as in childhood!
Each meditation was like an interview with a good psychologist. It seems like we are talking about obvious things, but I have never sunk so deeply into myself. Suddenly cause-and-effect links appear and I understand why everything in my life is exactly this way, but not another.
Margo, you are so energetically strong! It is fantastic what you are doing and introducing into this world!
My head was like a library before, where lots of books were stored, but they were lying randomly. But YOU have constructed new high wooden stacks with firm shelves and arranged all the books in alphabetic order, explaining what I should read first of all!
Before your game I thought I know what I need and where I go to. After each lesson the wall I’ve created from trifles mistaken for my wishes was being destructed clearing the way to what is Real…
Now I know where to move and I am not afraid of it. Thank you for such wonderful meditations, filling you with love! I am sincerely wishing everybody to get to this miraculous game in a proper time.
I have noticed changes in myself, it is miraculous how it is possible to transform your conscious for such a short period of time, to reorganize it to another level!
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