Daria COSMOFONICA is a professional practicing astrologist in Western classical tradition, an author of astrological forecasts, astrologist-consultant

In 2008 she graduated from MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov, faculty of Public Administration, in 2011 - faculty of Journalism. Daria has a successful career in the field of working with government institutions and specialized corporations of oil and gas industry.

Daria’s range of interests has always been connected with investigation of laws and regularities according to which the world, human inner life and personal fulfillment scenarios in life program are functioning.

Daria’s scope of activity is astrological forecasting, karmic astrology, astrology of higher purpose, transformational astrology.

Beginning from 2014 she is a practicing consultant. She also continues her studies and investigations in the field of political and social processes.

The level of knowledge and professional education in the field of astrology allows Daria making forecasts in all life spheres, answering all the questions, noting details in horoscopes which may change everything.